Warrior Companies

Peoples Partners for Community Development is committed to meeting the needs of the communities we serve and supporting businesses that strive to meet those needs. 

Our communities needed access to a local grocery store that was affordable and located on the reservation. In Fall 2021, we purchased  a local grocery store that was closing.  In March of 2022, Warrior Grocery opened.  This new business brings food to our community, creates local jobs and provides a buyer for local ranchers and producers to sell their meat and produce products.

Agriculture is the backbone of the Northern Cheyenne Reservation. Community 
families were needing access to better quality meat and our ranchers were needing a more practical way to get their meat processed. Ranchers were faced with the costs of long distance hauling and the complications of overscheduled processing plants. PPCD developed the Warrior Meat Company as a creative solution.
Warrior Meat Company owns the mobile meat processing unit that goes directly onsite to the local rancher to butcher and brings the beef back to the facility to finish the final product.  This mobile meat processing unit is located in the new building in Ashland, Montana, and serves as a strong bridge between Northern Cheyenne meat producers and the community families we serve. 

Peoples Partners for Community Development primary goal is to establish products and services to our community that are in need and to  provide jobs to our community to establish a long term stable economy.  
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Mobile Meat Processing

Local Ranchers.  Local Processing.  Growing Our Local Economy.