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Partners for a Successful Tax Season

Chief Dull Knife College Extension Service in partnership with St. Labre Youth & Family Services and People’s Partner for Community Development just wrapped up the 11th year of providing Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) to community members at our tax sites.

CDKC campus in Lame Deer has hosted a VITA site for all 11 years, the last four in the Extension Service building next to the John Woodenlegs Memorial Library.

St. Labre campus in Ashland has hosted a VITA site for 10 years at the Youth & Family Services department next to the cafeteria.

For the 2015 tax season we completed 614 tax returns, an increase of 113 returns from last year. The amount of Federal Refund money brought back to the community for FREE this season was $1,592,796.50, which is also an increase.

Through our VITA sites, tax payers eligible for Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) received $747,009. Not only can we file Federal Returns for free, we also can complete State returns which accumulated to $97,942 in Montana State Refund dollars returned this season.

In the 11 years of providing VITA, we have helped tax payers receive over $7.8 million in Federal Refund money for FREE as we have completed 3,514 tax returns.

We look forward to continue VITA services in the future in hopes of increasing our numbers and bringing back over $2 million in Federal Refund money in a tax season. Our IRS certified volunteers for this season were: Henry Thompson, Tommy Robinson, Bitty Wick, Carrie Small, Tanya Thompson and JC Lawrence (CDKC); Vicki Anderson, Luella Brien, Tisha Limpy, Jade Walksalong, and Tamara Hawkins (St. Labre).

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